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Currently, we have two exhibits for the new Jimmy Doolittle Center:  the Gonzales 1912 Tractor No. 1 Biplane; and the Jimmy Doolittle Collection.  Both include a wide range of visual and textual materials, including documents, photographs, and technical drawings. For more information about accessing our archival collections, please contact Serafina Chavez at 707.317.1134.


The Gonzales Tractor No. 1 Biplane


Gonzales No 1 BiplaneThe Jimmy Doolittle Air and Space Museum Education Foundation is the proud owner of one of the first successful aeroplanes flown in the San Francisco Bay Area. The "Gonzales No. 1" biplane was built by 15 year old twins Willy and Arthur Gonzales, with help from their brother Eddy Gonzales, during the period from 1910 to 1912. Constructed primarily of pine and small amounts of spruce, it was built in the backyard of their home at 435-16th Avenue in San Francisco.



The Doolittle Collection

James H. DoolittleThe Jimmy Doolittle Air and Space Museum Education Foundation is honored to possess many Jimmy Doolittle original documents and photographs. Previously showcased at the Travis Heritage Center, they are now professionally archived by Dr. David Styles, historian and author, and are currently secured within a state-of-the-art container and vault. These archives will be the benchmark for the new Doolittle Center located at its proposed Nut Tree Center.

Biography of General James H. Doolittle ... by Col. C.V. Glines, USAF (Retired)

James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle was born in Alameda, California on December 14, 1896, and spent his early boyhood in Nome, Alaska. He returned to California to complete high school and go to college at the University of California at Berkeley. He enlisted in the Signal Corps Enlisted Reserve in the fall of 1917 and received his wings in March 1918. He did not go overseas during World War I, but was assigned as a flying instructor. He was later transferred to southern Texas for border patrol duty before being assigned to Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas as a test pilot and engineering officer.




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