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THE MISSION OF THE JIMMY DOOLITTLE CENTER IS TO ADVANCE THE AVIATION AND AEROSPACE INDUSTRY THROUGH EDUCATION AND RESEARCH. By providing impactful experiences, we educate and inspire people from around the world with the actions of American heroes past, present and future.

I have concluded that we were put on earth for
 a purpose. That purpose is to make, within our
 capabilities, a better place in which to live.

                    ~Jimmy Doolittle


The three main pillars of Jimmy Doolittle’s career - expertise as a pilot, military aviation and scientist dedicated to technological advances in aviation - are the basis for the mission and vision of the Jimmy Doolittle Center. The JDC will be the first aviation education center of its kind. Creating a place that melds aviation/aerospace history with current education programs for both youth and adults will provide a unique environment to cultivate interest and learning, further aviation safety and research, and help prepare people to join the aviation and aerospace workforce now and in the future.

The Doolittle Center will offer visitors the rare opportunity to fly in restored operational aircraft associated with General Doolittle. This provides the world with a unique “living history” experience – one which helps us better feel the true sacrifice and courage of American veterans and encourages us all to learn more about our heritage.

Our Goal


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