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Our mission is to promote our aviation history and encourage patriotic endeavors.

By providing impactful experiences through interactive exhibits, we educate and inspire people from around the world with the actions of American heroes past, present and future.
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The Jimmy Doolittle Air and Space Museum Education Foundation envisions a new Center for Patriotism that educates and inspires all Americans.

We will preserve, honor and promote our aviation heritage and legacy of patriotism for all ages.
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We believe immersing visitors of all ages in our dynamic and interactive environment will inspire them to follow their natural curiosity and desire to explore American patriotism and its place in our aviation history.

We will help redefine the traditional museum experience.
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The Jimmy Doolittle Museum Education Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID 68-0479628.










Neil Armstrong

“I had the great pleasure of knowing and working with General Doolittle. In addition to his military achievements in war and peace, he was, in intellect, character, thoughtfulness and wisdom, also four star. He was, by any measure, a great American.”

                      ~ Neil Armstrong

Correspondence with Bob Fish, USS Hornet

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USS Hornet
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